A contribution from your church, community, foundation, club or association is highly appreciated. You may already have an idea that you would like to share with us (info@i-step-up.com) or you can support iSTEPup in one of the following ways:

  1. Donate your fundraising proceeds. The proceeds (of your sportevent, sale of flowers/potting soil, collection of money during a religious service) can be paid into the account of the foundation (IBAN: NL88ABNA0814002315). Please inform us about your project and mail to info@i-step-up.com. Some examples below:
    • The collection of old paper by Hardenberg-Heemse raised 1000 euro. [Article in Dutch]
    • Collection of money in the church of Nijbroek (The Netherlands)
  2. Become an iSTEPup partner. Support us with a relevant donation for medical or educational purpose, for example: medical instruments, study material, laptops, writing materials, promotional material and business gifts. Please send an email to info@i-step-up.com to inform us about your donation.
    • Jonas Rosenstok (Advisory Board) provided and sent a laptop to student Paul Kalungi and covered all (transportation) costs himself.
    • Through our co-operation with Medpacker we will try to transport necessary and essential equipment to students through their Medpackers in the future.
  3. Like and Share! Please follow iSTEPup on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and spread the work of iSTEPup among your followers. There is also an iSTEPup flyer (English) and brochure available (Dutch). For more information about this flyer/brochure (or a version with higher quality), contact us via info@i-step-up.com.

If you have any suggestions, please contact us!