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Information about contributing to iSTEPup

How to contribute
You can choose to support the work of iSTEPup once or periodically. You can also choose to support the work of iSTEPup in general, or to support a specific student or students from a specific country. You can donate using the template to the left.

Tax advantages (only applicable for sponsors from the Netherlands)
The iSTEPup Foundation has been designated as ANBI (public benefit organisation). An institution can only be an ANBI if at least 90% of the efforts is spent for public benefit. Our goal is even to donate more than 95% to the charity. According to Dutch law, donors of an ANBI may deduct their donations from the income or corporation tax (only applicable for Dutch donors).

Your entire donation is tax deductible if you periodically donate with a minimum of € 50 / year for 5 years. This is particularly interesting because there is no threshold and no maximum amount for periodic donations.

Read more about this concept on the website of the Dutch consumers association (Article in Dutch).

For a prove of your (periodic) donation, please contact us via
If you want to stop your donations, please send an email to