If you meet the iSTEPup selection criteria written below, you can apply for a scholarship.

Collect the documents below (preferably in one document) and send these to, you will receive a confirmation of your application within 2 weeks.

  • handwritten signed application form [download the application form below]
  • A motivation letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Details of the preferred study: name, duration, if applicable: completed semesters / years, or scheduled start date.
  • Financial details of the whole course including the tuition fee and, if applicable, additional fee’s (for example for resits) – in an official document of the preferred educational institution
  • Contact details of the spokesman of the preferred educational institution
  • If applicable: first tuition payment due date.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email.

Please note: the iSTEPup foundation only takes complete applications into consideration. After your application, you will receive a confirmation message and/or additional questions by email.

Complete applications are discussed during regular board meetings (approximately 4-5 times a year). Please take into account that there is a waiting period of at least 1 month after you receive the  confirmation message before a final decision is made and / or a payment to the university can be done.

iSTEPup selection criteria:

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. The applicant is the student in need of a scholarship and he or must apply for it him- or herself. Without the scholarship he or she is not able to study the preferred specialisation (nurse, midwife, doctor or pharmacist).
  2. The applicant is a citizen and resident of a LMIC (as defined by the World Bank) during the training.
  3. The applicant is aged between 16 and 35 years during the application process.
  4. The applicant requests a scholarship for tertiary education to become a healthcare professional (including nurse, midwife, doctor, or pharmacist) and has the will to work in the country where the training will be provided.
  5. The applicant has received the necessary preliminary training as defined by the educational institution.
  6. The applicant will receive the training in a recognized and certified educational institution in the country where the student lives (which is a LMIC).
  7. The applicant has a sufficient understanding of the English language.
  8. The applicant completes the whole application process including a written motivation letter, curriculum vitae and short introduction video at least three months prior to the start of the study.
    • The applicant agrees with the potential use of his or her video on their personal online website of the iSTEPup foundation
    • The applicant will include, in a maximum three minute video, his or her motivation to enroll in the iSTEPup programme and explain the reason why the applicant cannot pay the tuition fee him- or herself.
  9. The applicant will provide contact details of the spokesman of the preferred educational institution and the financial details of the whole course including the tuition fee and, if applicable, additional fee’s (for example for resits).
  10. The applicant demonstrates to meet all of the above criteria in the application process including a proof of sufficient motivation and potential to participate in the desired training.

A small preference will be given to those applicants who:

  1. Have not been enrolled in tertiary education before
  2. Lived their entire life in a LMIC
  3. Have shown persistent motivation to study (for example those who applied for an iSTEPup or similar scholarship before)
  4. Have an understanding of the Mandarin, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, Bengali, Portuguese, Indonesian, or Swahili language.

Download the application documents here:
1. The whole iSTEPup application form: iSTEPup application form

2. The iSTEPup selection criteria: iSTEPup selection criteria

3. The iSTEPup terms and conditions : iSTEPup terms and conditions

Last updated: January 2020