If you meet the iSTEPup selection criteria written below, you can apply for a scholarship within the iSTEPup programme.

Collect the documents below (preferably in one document) and send these to

  • handwritten signed application form [PDF download below]
  • A motivation letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Details of the preferred study: name, duration, if applicable: completed semesters / years, AND preffered / scheduled start date.
  • Contact details of the spokesman of the preferred educational institution
  • Financial details of the whole course including the tuition fee and, if applicable, additional fee’s (for example for resits) – in an official document of the preferred educational institution
  • If applicable: first tuition payment due date.
  • Contact details of the person who can act as a buddy: preferably an international healthcare worker in your environment, who can act as an intermediary for iSTEPup. This includes: supporting the student with the study and personal web page (if necessary), and actively recruiting new iSTEPup donors for fundraising part of the study costs.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email.

Application deadlines for new students!

The iSTEPup Foundation works with two deadlines per year to apply yourself or a student for the iSTEPup programme:

  • Studies/Semesters starting in August-January: apply before May 16th
  • Studies/Semesters starting in February-July: apply before November 16th

Note: iSTEPup only considers complete applications. After your application, you will receive a confirmation message and/or additional questions by email (within 6 weeks). Complete applications will be discussed in the board meeting after the deadline and will be assessed for eligibility for the iSTEPup programme. The decision on your application will be shared before the end of June/November. If too many students apply for a scholarship the Foundation will strive for an equal representation of gender, country and study among the selected applications.

Please take into account that there is a waiting period before a final decision is taken and/ or a payment to the university can be done. It is not possible to receive a payment for a study / semester that has already been completed or started, or study debts in general.

Download the Student Scholarship Regulations (including ‘application form’) here: iSTEPup student scholarship regulations

Last updated: June 2024