For companies, it is also possible  to support the work of iSTEPup. This can be done in the following ways:

  1. Give financial support. For example by means of fundraising or via a donation for every new customer of your company. This can be a single or structural donation; for the work of iSTEPup in general or for a specific student or country. Click here to donate.
  2. Share your expertise. Share your knowledge with iSTEPup to develop new products or programmes together or to improve the existing content or lay-out. Please contact us for more information via
  3. Buy a sponsor package. If you want to support our foundation or a specific student, it is also possible to finance a sponsor package with your contribution. Please contact us for more information via
  4. Become an iSTEPup partner. Support us with a relevant donation for medical or educational purpose, for example: medical instruments, study material, laptops, writing materials, promotional material and business gifts. Please send an email to to inform us about your donation.
  5. Like and Share! Please follow iSTEPup on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and spread the work of iSTEPup among your followers. There is also an iSTEPup flyer (English) or brochure available (Dutch). For more information contact us via

If you have any suggestions, please contact us!