iSTEPup in a nutshell

iSTEPup provides local scholarships for ambitious people to become a nurse, midwife, doctor or pharmacist in low resource countries.

In a transparent manner we aim to improve sustainability of basic healthcare by creating educational chances for motivated but underprivileged people.

Read here why iSTEPup believes that an investment in tertiary education is important in low resource countries. Use the menu above to read more about iSTEPup, our students, and how to apply a new candidate.

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iSTEPup is looking for new candidates and we need you for that.

If you are working, doing an internship or on a holiday abroad in any low or middle income country you can help us! Even if you are not going, but you know people in your surroundings that will go abroad, you can help us. Many of our students also heard of the iSTEPup programme through people like you. Please keep an eye out for us, spread the word and if you do meet that potential healthcare worker that needs iSTEPup, apply!

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