Here you can find our policy plan (only available in Dutch). The document describes the strategy and policy of iSTEPup and contains an overview of the (financial) data of the foundation.

We would like to emphasize the following from the policy plan:

iSTEPup is an ANBI foundation that is obliged to keep administration, including a financial overview showing: what amounts have been paid for expenses, fundraising and management. We want to emphasize that the directors of this foundation volunteer. They receive no reward.

i-Step-Up has the ambition to provide at least three new scholarships per year to new students, while the support to students with a scholarship will be continued until the end of the study. The number of scholarships that can be provided depends on the availability of suitable candidates and the financial resources.

iSTEPup manages Bank account number: NL88ABNA0814002315.

The foundation has laid down the following in the articles of association: If the board decides to dissolve, any positive liquidation balance will be given to another Public Benefit Organization with a similar objective.

The fiscal number (RSIN number) of the foundation is: 858525446.
The foundation is registered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, KvK number: 70957606.

Beleidsplan 2017-2022 iSTEPup