Alumni – Graduated in November 2019

“I am Rehema Sulle from Haydom, Tanzania. In 2019 I finished my studies and I am grateful for all the support I got along the way. I studied midwifery so as to help women in labour and prevent maternal deaths. I would like to persue my dream to improve maternal health in tanzania. I thank iSTEPup and hope to identify a new potential candidate with the motivation but without sufficient money to study in my country. Our country is in need of more locally educated health workers who can make a longterm change. Thanks for visiting my page!”

Personal information

Name: Rehema Sulle

Date of Birth: 1992

Country: United Republic of Tanzania

Profession: Midwifery

Study information – Graduated in 2019

Study: Midwifery

University: Herbert Kairuki University

Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Start date: September 2015

Graduated: November 2019

Costs per year for iSTEPup: $2400 [€2166] (source:

Costs per semester for iSTEPup: $1200 [€1084] per semester


Jonas Rosenstok, member of the advisory board of the iSTEPup Foundation

Coordinating the support for Rehema’s study is what convinced me that the iSTEPup model works (which is also why I agreed to join the advisory board). It’s been a true pleasure linking Rehema to several sponsors who have enabled her to realise her ambitions. She’s a clearcut example of the potential that exists in rural Tanzania but that doesn’t have the means to take the first step towards realising their ambitions, i.e. getting the required education.

News and updates:

Update Rehema Sulle January 2020

Update Rehema Sulle January 2019

Since Rehema has finished her study, no new updates will be released.