Personal information

Name: Nurudeen Yakubu

Date of birth: 18-10-1991

Country: Ghana

Study: Nursing

Study information

Study: Nursing (Certificate)

University: Nursing and Midwifery Training College Nalerigu

Location: Nalerigu, Ghana

Start date: September 2019

Graduation: December 2021

Costs per year for iSTEPup: 3225 Ghanaian Cedi [€515]  (source:

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Why do I need iSTEPup?

Nurudeen lives with his family which largely depends on the salary of his brother Bash. Nurudeen always wanted to be a nurse, but this was not possible given the financial situation of his family. With the help of iSTEPup, Nurudeen is able to study and can also contribute to the livelihood of his family in the future.


Nurudeen’s buddy is Ellis Meuleman, his sister in law.

In 2014 Ellis and her partner Bash started a program, together with Nurudeen, to visit schools in their neighborhood to provide medical aid to children, for example wound care. Unfortunately they could not continue the project because both brothers were not officially trained as nurses. Every time Ellis visits Ghana, she brings bandages and plasters with her, and Nurudeen delivers that at local health centres. Ellis knew Nurudeens’s wish to become a nurse in one of those clinics, however she and his family could not afford his education.

Ellis contacted iSTEPup in December 2018 and the application was completed in February 2019. Nurudeen was accepted for the iSTEPup programme in March 2019.