Personal information

Name: Nisha Ramnares

Date of birth: 01-02-2000

Country: Suriname

Study: Nursing (diploma)

Study information

Study: Diploma in Nursing

University: EFS College Covab

Location: Graderweg hoek Jakartaweg District Nickerie

Start date: March 2020

Expected graduation: March 2023

Costs per year for iSTEPup: €145.83

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Why I need the iSTEPup Foundation 

It would not be possible for me to achieve my dream without the help of iSTEPup. It would have been impossible. I am coming from a family of 5 were I am the 4th born. I still live with my parents. My father works alone. My brother and sister still go to school. Here in Suriname it’s really hard to find a job without a diploma. If you are not educated then you have no job. Now the new transition in my life of becoming a Nurse have permit me to find a good job to be able to take care of myself, My family, and my country as a whole. So I am very sure that without this great help, I would have had no choice but to drop out of college by now.
The other fact is that, College, especially medical colleges in Suriname is very expensive, so I wouldn’t be able to pay my own fees. To facilitate myself through College, I would need more than 5 years to save enough money to sustain myself through College.


News and updates:

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