Personal information

Name: Neema Damiano Nakei

Date of Birth: 30-11-1995

Country: Tanzania

Study: Pharmacy

Study information

Study: Pharmaceutical sciences (ordinary diploma)

University: Pharmaceutical College of Tabora

Location: Tabora, Tanzania

Start date: November 2019

Expected graduation: 2022

Costs per year for iSTEPup: 2.103.500 Tanzanian Shilling [€825] (source: click here)

Costs per semester for iSTEPup: 1.051.750 Tanzanian Shilling [€413]

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Why I need the iSTEPup Foundation 

I could not pay my study, since my father has died and my mother has no income. I was also supported by a foundation during high school, but because I wanted to study to become a pharmacist, I also applied to iSTEPup.

This study will teach me about medication, to help the patients, to advice people how to use medicine in a good dose. I would like to be a good professional Medicine supplier in healthcare facilities and to give education to the society about use of Medicine. Studying pharmaceutical sciences is an opportunity I would love to dedicate myself to. I will develop very deep interest in my studies and will keep iSTEPup updated about my performance.


Jonas Rosenstok, member of the advisory board of the iSTEPup Foundation