Personal information

Name: Read Chanique

Date of Birth: 29-04-1993

Country: Suriname

Study: Nursing[diploma]

Study information

Study: Diploma In Nursing

University: EFS College Covab

Location: Graderweg hoek Jakartaweg. District Nickerie, Suriname

Start date: March 2020

Graduation: December 2023

Costs per year for iSTEPup: €155 [Source: ]

Why I need the iSTEPup Foundation 

The reason why I need the iSTEPup Foundation is because I can’t afford the finances of the school. I really want to become a nurse and that all can only be possible with the ISTEPUP Foundation

In our country (Suriname) the economic situation is very bad. I live alone with my 2 sons and my mom just passed a way a few weeks ago. From that moment on everything seems to be very difficult for me. I would like to finish College so that I can take care of my children and also make sure that they also can get a good education