Personal information

Name: Benjamin Poga

Date of Birth: 08-10-1987

Country: Tanzania

Study: Medicine

Study information

Study: Doctor of Medicine

University: the Hubert Kairuki Memorial University

Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Start date: in 2015 (three academic years completed before iSTEPup application)

Graduation: December 2022

Total costs per year: $2,913.48 [€2630] (source:

Total costs per year for iSTEPup:  $1456 [€1315] (iSTEPup agreed to pay 50% of the tuition fees as is motivated above)

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Why do I need iSTEPup?

I am Benjamin Poga, a third year medical student at Hubert Kairuki Memorial University in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. To continue with my studies has been difficult, since I have been struggling hard economically.  After completing my primary and secondary school I first worked for three years in order to pay for the school fees of my sisters. In 2015 I was enrolled in the Doctor of Medicine programme at the Hubert Kairuki Memorial University in Tanzania and I completed almost 3 years of my medical education.
However, due to large study debts, I was not allowed to take the exams to complete my third year (2018-2019) Due to insufficient funds I was not able to pay the debts. In 2019 I therefore volunteered to work at Haydom Lutheran Hospital to keep track of my knowledge and skills, where I came into contact with the iSTEPup foundation through Jonas & Anneloes.
With the help of the iSTEPup foundation, I will be able to finish my study to become a medical doctor!

iSTEPup made an agreement with the university to pay half of the study costs of the remaining two years of Benjamin’s study. We chose not to pay all costs, since Benjamin is studying at a private (non-governmental) institute and study costs are higher compared to other iSTEPup students. With the agreement, Benjamen could still finish his studies and then pay off his study debts afterwards, and iSTEPup is able to help as many students as possible.


Benjamin’s buddy is Anneloes, a Doctor in Global Health and Tropical Medicine and currently working in Haydom Luteran Hospital in Tanzania. Anneloes met Benjamen during his work as a volunteer in this hospital and decided that she would support Benjamen to continue his study by a fundraising project and by telling his story in her own network.