Personal information

Name: Momoh Jawara

Date of Birth: 21-04-1998

Country: Sierra Leone

Study: Nursing [level: Bachelor, Year One]

Study information

Study: Diploma in Nursing

University: Tonkolili District College of Health Sciences (TDCHS)

Location: Masanga Village Tonkolili District Sierra Leone

Start date: 6-12-2021

Expected graduation: 2024

Costs per year for iSTEPup: Le4,700,000 [€358,80]


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Why I need the iSTEPup Foundation 

I’m really overwhelmed with this great and immaculate opportunity as this will help me to fully
reach my goals and achieve my full potential. I quote “A journey of thousand miles start with a
step”. This (Nursing) is my first step to my journey.

However, I need the iSTEPup Foundation in order to help me achieve my dreams. Becoming a
healthcare practitioner is always my ambition but for the meanwhile things are very tight for
my aunty who is financing my education due to the low level income of our country, Sierra
Leone to be specific. She is the only person assisting me because I had lost my both parents as a
result of fire outbreak. Presently she has gotten two biological children and I making three and
both of them are in high School.

Moreover, I strongly believe that iSTEPup Foundation will help me concentrate on my studies.
To be honest thinking about my College fees and other charges like Hostel fees etc mostly often
deviate my attention from my studies. I even many a time think if I will be able to achieve my
full potential because for someone to become a healthcare provider, the person needs to be
totally dedicated as a single mistake can cause harm to patients.

In addition, I am ready and willing to make good use of this opportunity because in this way I
will be able to participate greatly in my country in the healthcare services and nation


Emily Rooney, UK Medical Doctor (Internal Medicine)
I first met Momoh in the Emergency Unit in Masanga Hospital, rural Sierra Leone. He had come to the unit as a voluntary observership, to gain experience before applying to Nursing training. I was impressed by his commitment to his education. Since starting his course, I have been further impressed by Momoh’s dedication to his studies – and the impressive detail with which he remembers his lectures! I look forward to seeing his progress as a healthcare professional!