Personal information

Name: Marion Mwagazi

Date of Birth: 28-02-2001

Country: Uganda

Study: Midwife [level: certificate]

Study information

Study: certificate in Midwifery

University: Jerusalem Institute for Nursing and Midwifery

Location: Lira, Uganda

Start date: 01-04-2021

Expected graduation: 2023-2024

Costs per year for iSTEPup: $850 [€720] (source:

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Why I need the iSTEPup Foundation 

It has been difficult for me to study up to this level, as I have been out of school several times due to not being able to pay my school fees. In 2017, I finished my o levels and I have not been able to continue my studies ever since. My family is not able to support me as our financial situation is very unstable due to lack of jobs in the area.

I want to be a midwife and be of assistance to women in my area after my studies. With iSTEPup I can finally start working on my dream. There is a great need for good midwives in the area and when I have completed my studies, I plan to return to my home village and work in a health center nearby. It is important that women get the help they need and deserve.


David Kowomera, bestuurslid Egoli Africa

I am David Kawomera, aged 31 years, Ugandan by nationality, from Kamuli district in Eastern Uganda. I am a teacher and I teach math and sports science .

My personal interest is to see that all people have acquired education and can do productive work in the communities and that we get developed communities through education. I like working and mostly doing some voluntary work for the good of my community and the entire country .

I am managing director of Egoli Africa. I monitor the entire activities in Egoli Africa. I have worked in this organisation for 10 years now. At first I was the coordinator of the sponsorship program run by Egoli Africa.

As an organization we have been helping children to study and these two
(Marion and Joan ) visited our office in Bukyatifu Kisozi subcounty when they wanted to continue with studies and wanted assistance. I did home visits to their homes and I got information that these girls really needed help to make their dream goal come true.

We got in touch with iSTEPup to make these girls achieve their dream goal of serving the communities where they come from and to the whole country.

Regards, David Kawomera