Personal information

Name: Hawanatu Alhaji Jabbie

Date of Birth: 24/07/1990

Country: Sierra Leone

Study: Diploma in Nursing

Study information

Study: Diploma in Nursing (State Registered Nurse)

University: Tonkolili District College of Health Science

Location: Masanga Village, Tonkolili District, Sierra Leone

Start date: October 2022

Expected graduation: 2025

Costs per year for iSTEPup: 276.37 Euro

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Why I need the iSTEPup Foundation 

Since I completed my certificate in Community Health, I have been volunteering at Masanga Hospital Rehabilitation Project. I volunteer on the Emergency Unit which cares for the sickest new admissions and emergency cases. Although the work can be tough, I feel I have shown myself to be more than capable for working in this environment. I am a reliable, dedicated and trustworthy worker and I am able to make good relationships with patients quickly. Volunteering on the Emergency Unit has given me great motivation to uplift my career so that I can continue to improve the care I provide to patients. I have also seen that nursing profession is changing, as nurses are becoming more involved in the wellbeing of the patients and take on more responsibility in the clinical setting. I want to prepare myself and meet these future challenges with the knowledge and skills required. Becoming a Registered Nurse is the logical choice to meet this ambition. The small stripe given to hospital volunteers cannot cover the fees, charges and also support my family. There is no-one I can turn to for financial support and so I am so grateful to ISTEP Up for helping me reach this goal. 


Patrick Eaton, Medical Doctor.

My name is Patrick Eaton. I am a Doctor working in North Wales, in the UK. I first met Hawanatu when I was working as a volunteer at Masanga Hospital. Hawanatu stood out as a very hardworking, capable and compassionate team member on the Emergency Unit. She was always asking questions and keen to learn; keeping me on my toes! I was sad to hear of the difficulty she has had to overcome and she still has financial difficulties that would otherwise limit her potential. I am convinced Nursing is a real vocation for Hawanatu and I know she will make the most of the opportunities given to her. I am confident that she will give back to the community in her clinical role, as a role model and as a teacher. I will support her through her training and I am very grateful to i-step up for giving her the opportunity!

Study results

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