Personal information

Name: Fatima Fornah

Date of Birth: 03-12-1984

Country: Sierra Leone

Study: Nursing [level: SRN (highest level of nursing)]

Study information

Study: State Registered Nurse

University: Tonkolili District College of Health Science, Faculty of Nursery

Location: Masanga, Tonkolili District, Sierra Leone

Start date: 10-12-2021

Expected graduation: 10-12-2024

Costs per year for iSTEPup: SLL 5.350.000 (5.000.000 tuition costs, 350.000 for uniform)

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Why I need the iSTEPup Foundation 

I need the iSTEPup Foundation to continue to empower me because I am an orphan with 6 siblings. I am the eldest and come from a poor family. In my country they will only employ you if you have a diploma or a certificate. With the help of iSTEPup I hope to obtain this diploma. I will then be empowered and also able to take better care of my siblings, while in my work I will try to reduce the death rate of both mothers and children in my country.

Moreover, I need the iSTEPup Foundation to pay my fees for the whole course because I have no one else to pay for me, and I have two children to take care of. Their father is out of a job for now. I am also embarking on an outreach program now, which I think if I finish my diploma I will be able to involve more people with my own finance.


I’m Tom Versteege, a Dutch doctor trained in international health and tropical medicine. I’ve worked in Masanga Hospital for half a year in 2021. Fatima’s skills in midwifery and resuscitations of children are essential to our team, and there have been many complicated childbirths and caesarian sections where she was essential for a good outcome for mother and child. Aside from working as a medical doctor in the hospital, I have been the supervisor of the Masanga Medical Outreach. In this outreach, we perform antenatal ultrasounds on sometimes more than a hundred women. In my relatively short stay in Masanga, Fatima has been trained to be completely self-sufficient in performing antenatal ultrasounds. I’m very happy to have had her as a colleague and also as a friend. She’s capable and hardworking, and certainly more than able to further her studies through iSTEPup Foundation.