Personal information

Name: Anna Marie Sambou

Date of Birth: 28-11-1997

Country: The Gambia

Study: Nursing [level: Bachelor]

Study information

Study: Bachelor of Nursing Science

University: Legacy University, The Gambia

Location: Banjul, The Gambia

Start date: January 2020

Expected graduation: 2023-2024.

Costs per year for iSTEPup: $776 [€636] (source: ….)

Costs per semester for iSTEPup: $388 [€318]

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Why I need the iSTEPup Foundation 

My name is Anna Marie Sambou. A Gambian by birth 23 years old. I was inspired to be a nurse at a very tender age. When I was given the opportunity to be in a Red Cross group in my junior year in school.

Meanwhile, my desire for nursing emanated from carrying out activities as I was actively serving the Red Cross. That’s where my passion and zeal for nursing was ignited. This passion became stronger when I got the chance to work as a nursing volunteer.

As a young industrious lady of great potential and big dreams, it has always been my desire to serve Humanity and my nation, because I find joy in there. With the help of my buddy Naomi and the iSTEPup Foundation I can now fulfil my dreams to become a nurse!


Naomi Vanbeselaere, General Practitioner.

I’m 31 years old lady and work as a general practitioner in Belgium.

After graduating in family medicine as a doctor in 2018, I packed my suitcases and left for the Gambia (the smiling coast of Africa).  A low resource country where medical care is scarce and young people with talent often cannot pursue a medical degree because of financial shortages.

Although my passion is to  work in the field as a doctor, I started to realise that another way to attribute to health care in Africa, is to train locals in the field by giving them acces to education.

As I worked in the Gambia, I became part of the local community. Anna-Maria Sambou, someone from the local church choir, became an close friend. Her passion and capacities to becomes a medical profession inspired me. That’s why I’m convinced it’s worth investing into her future, by financing her studies to become a nurse.