Personal information

Name: Amara Musa

Date of Birth: 05-01-1989

Country: Sierra Leone

Study: Clinical Medicine [Level: Higher Diploma]

Study information

Study: Higher Diploma in Clinical Medicine (CHO)

University: Njala University Bo Campus

Location: Bo City Southern province Sierra Leone

Start Date: 27th November 2021

Expected Graduation: 2024 -2025

Cost per year for iSTEPup: $519.29,( €=475.84)(source: http//

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Why I need istePup Foundation

I can not able to pursue my course without the aid of isetPup foundation. I grew up in a lower class extended family where my father had three wives, ten children and relatives to care for, and I happen to be the seventh child. After my secondary school education, I was fortunate as the only educated child to pursue a certificate course in nursing. After my graduation, I was employed but on a low scale salary due to my qualification with huge burden to take care of my parents, my two growing children and my wife.

Having work for five years and by now taking care of my growing family with two children and other family members, I cannot afford to pay the fees for my study. I therefore need isetPup foundation to help me accomplish my long term dream to become a clinician.


Heleen Koudijs, MD Global Health & Tropical Medicine.

My name is Heleen Koudijs, I’m the current medical superintendent at Lion Heart Medical Centre, Yele, Sierra Leone. I am a Dutch global health doctor by training. After training 3 years after my graduation from medical school to become a MD Global Health & Tropical Medicine, I have worked abroad for 3,5 years. First in Ethiopia, later in Kenya and now in Sierra Leone.

Amara and I worked together for almost one and a half year in LHMC, where Amara was our nurse-in-charge and also a member of the management team.

During our time together I noticed Amara’s talent in medicine, and I tried to encourage him and help him along on his journey to be more than the nurse he was at that time. I encouraged him to pursue a further degree and I am super grateful that iStepUp is willing to  help Amara along.