Personal information

Name: Adwoa Benyiwah Amoah

Date of Birth: 07-11-1999

Country: Ghana

Study: Medicine

Study Information

Study: Medicine

University: University of Development studies in Ghana

Location: Tamale, Ghana

Start date: in 2017 (two academic years completed before iSTEPup application)

Graduation: 10-2023

Costs per year for iSTEPup: 2455 Ghanaian Cedi equals $455.00 [€411] (source:

Why do I need iSTEPup?

My name is Adwoa Benyiwah Amoah, a third year medical student in the University of Development studies in Ghana. In my third year, financial challenges begun again, since raising money for my school fees is a big challenge for my family. My parents will soon be going on retirement and I did not know how to pay my fees if they would leave public service. With the assistance of iSTEPup, I will fulfil my dream of being an excellent medical doctor.